A balance must be achieved between some things.  One side must be taken between others.  If you are a car, you don’t drive on the side-walk, and if you are a walker, you don’t walk on the road between the two sidewalks. - Aditya Mittal 03/10/2007

Some people are taught to plagiarize.  Others are taught not to plagiaraize.  Plagiarism is key to the success of a society in well-developed areas.  Not to plagiarize is motivation that breeds inventors and innovators in a society. A fine balance must be achieved. - Aditya Mittal 03/10/2007

Most all of these things must have been said and done in one way or another in the past by someone else, but that does not take away my right to think them up, say and do them in my own way that I deem fit. - Aditya Mittal 03/10/2007

Beware of Greek Gifts, it is said.  Beware of the poor old man on the street who offers you his shirt, it is said.  Beware of free American offers and opportunities, with them come contracts. - Aditya Mittal 03/09/2007

With rights come responsibilites, it is said.  With demands come promises. - Aditya Mittal 03/09/2007

To learn to always be happy, we must first stop associating happiness with materialistic things.  The first step to true happiness, is learning and knowing we can be happy just by the mere thought of being happy. Controlling fear and guilt are crucial to keeping happy. – Aditya Mittal 03/09/2007

What matters is not that you win or not. What matters is that you did your best, and your conscience cannot hold you guilty of the loss. - Aditya Mittal 03/05/2007

Those who win by cheating and hurting are held guilty by their conscience, if they have any, and the conscience of those who do have it. - Aditya Mittal 03/05/2007

God knows all your acts, and has conscience. - Aditya Mittal 03/05/2007

Every journey begins with a single step. Every lasting success begins with a single failure, an ability to succeed, and an ambition to correct that failure. - Aditya Mittal 03/01/2007

A puff of air is enough to crumble monuments built on a foundation of lies. Yet, on a solid foundation can be built a staircase to heaven. Those who cannot climb it shall always have their doubts. - Aditya Mittal 03/01/2007

The good side always wins because good gets good, bad gets bad, and winning is getting the good or good is getting to win. - Aditya Mittal 03/01/2007

Real life like my profile is dynamic. The key to winning is taking all that you've learnt and letting it all flow together, synchronously. - Aditya Mittal 03/01/2007

Money is a means that gets pushed around by the will of the people, good people push it to the right, and bad ones to the left. - Aditya Mittal 03/01/2007

Knowledge: The Ocean and Myself by Aditya Mittal
I am one of many pots and there are many oceans as well. Some oceans, are so vast that if I even attempt to hold a single droplet within them, I will shatter. Other oceans, are so small that they can fit inside me without even leaving a sense of a moist infinitessimal region. Yet, others form the gradients from looking like a drop within me, to filling me up to my neckline ready to spill out at the smallest of my motions. Every knowledge is an ocean, and every being is a pot and vice versa. Some knowledge I hold inside me, while I am immersed in other knowledge. Pots float in the oceans, full of oceans inside other pots. Bubbles inside bubbles, bubbles on the surface of bubbles, bubbles around bubbles, bubbles aside bubbles, air inside and outside every bubble, like a fractal immeasurable lengths, the size of knowledge varies depending on the scale with which it is measured. Bubbles and pots, beings and bubbles, air and water, oceans and knowledge, how much can I comprehend or not comprehend? Some oceans can fit inside another and yet remain distinct, others merge, ebb and flow, it's all a matter of the scale of the droplet of a chosen ocean? or is it chosen? How much of what I wrote could you comprehend? How much of what I wrote could I comprehend? Could you have written what I wrote before reading what I wrote? Are you a pot encapsulating my oceans, or are you a pot inherited from my oceans? Or are you a pot with completely different oceans than mine? Or are you a pot with some of my waters? Or are you a pot? Or are you? Or am I? You or I? You? I? ? . – Aditya Mittal 02/25/2007

A promise you keep is a reflection of your value, the love you give is a reflection of your worth, the contribution you make is a reflection of your posture and the strength of your clan - Aditya Mittal 02/25/2007

Recognizing my mind's limitation: I can't think of a statement that encompasses everything without limits...Bound in time, space, and mind. – Aditya Mittal 02/25/2007

Love vs. Success: Rights vs. Duties
go after success and let your love burn, that's love, keep that close to your heart!

success is my duty towards my parents, my community, and humanity.
love is my right, it lives through me, and it brings me closer to my ideals and to god.

A man who breaks when his duties compromise his rights is a coward. A man who does his duties out of fear, thereby, compromising his rights is also a coward.

A real man succeeds through loving. He does not choose between love or success, he strikes the right balance between rights and duties.

What to do to strike the right balance? Act before it's too late. Water is useless for a person who has died of thirst. Never act too early, be patient. First, complete your duties with such spirit, your rights become unquestionable. Once your rights are unquestionable, claim them by any means necessary.

Wage war if necessary but be considerate of your opponent's rights. Do not continue fighting after you have gained your unquestionable rights, unless you plan to eliminate them completely.

How do you know when you've struck the right balance? When your duties begin to respect your rights.

– Aditya Mittal 02/23/2007

goals in life

My objective in life is to enrich the world with innovative inventions that cherish humanity.  The approach to achieving my objective is through education and the development of knowledge.  I judge this dream to become a great scientist to be a challenging and fun objective.  I hope you will assist me in upholding my dreams for the advancement of society and benefit of all.  The past remains victorious and the future will be more successful.