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Aditya Mittal is an alumni of the graduate program in Computational and Mathematical Engineering at Stanford University.

Aditya Mittal has majored in Physics and Computer Engineering at Syracuse University in New York.

In addition, he is an author, a web developer, and a research scholar.


My objective in life is to enrich the world with innovative inventions that cherish humanity. The approach to achieving my objective is through education and the development of knowledge. I judge this dream to become a great scientist to be a challenging and fun objective. I hope you will assist me in upholding my dreams for the advancement of society and benefit of all. The past remains victorious and the future will be more successful. It is important that I repeat to myself my objective until it is accomplished.


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Worked at NASA Ames Research Center in the Aviation Systems Division.

Great news for fans, the Quantum Computing article promised a while back has been in coming soon mode for long time because it has turned into my next novel, "My Quantum Inspiration!" Visit to start reading about some of the characters!

Filed a new patent on the Second Chance Auction Algorithm and its modifications

Stanford Magazine: Entrepreneurship Week "Rubberband Together for Breast Cancer" "Rubberband Together for Breast Cancer"
"Also mentioned in Palo Alto Daily"

Aditya Mittal's work on "Hamming Codes in the Context of DNA Computing" was presented at the 14th International DNA Computing Conference in Prague, and also at the Biomedical Computing at Stanford (BCATS) conference.

Coming Soon: Quantum Computing

Nanotechnology - read the latest article and then join me in the new forum for discussion on carbon nanotubes, quantum dots and more...

Superstrings - read the article to learn the basics: what are Calabi-Yau manifolds and orbifolds, what is Kaluza-Klein theory...

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Is it because of the inbuilt implication that time can only flow forwards in quantum mechanics?
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Elementary Particles: Energy and Mass of muons
Theories: Is the second law of thermodynamics all powerful? Has the universe been there forever?

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