Syracuse University MultiTouch Interaction Game Table Document Files Index


By Aditya Mittal, James Wallace, Albert You, Luke Behm, and Paul Ferrara



MultiTouch Game Table under Development Video


MultiTouch Interaction Game Table description


Multi-Touch Game Table Project Specification

Project Multi-touch What We did Right and What We did wrong presentation

Project Multi-touch User Interaction Presentation

How Multi touch Driver Works 03/18/2007

How Multi finger Works 03/18/2007

Other People’s Versions of the emerging MultiTouch technology


Mitsubishi’s Version of the MultiTouch with Warcraft


Jeff Han’s Presentation of the MultiTouch


Conservation Lab’s Version of MultiTouch 




Krrish – a SciFi Movie – the MultiTouch screen was envisioned first by the sci-fi writers of the past – now it has become a reality – soon it will become the trend…


There are many others out there attempting different things with this new technology….